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About Jumpsure

Jumpsure is a monthly rental marketplace looking to connect accommodation providers and tenants who are new to a city or moving from abroad and are wanting to find and secure short to mid-term rental accommodation.

Whether you’re looking for a house, apartment or room in a shared accommodation, Jumpsure connects prospective tenants with accommodation providers and supports them with the booking and the rental payment process. We offer a personalized, video-focused rental experience and a secure way to pay rent online as opposed to cash or check payments.

Jumpsure's mission is to tackle some of the common challenges involved in the apartment rental process, especially when moving to a new city or country.

Increase trust between tenant and provider

Our goal is to increase the confidence between tenants and providers so they can enter into an rental agreement comfortably and confidently. Between the user identity verification process, options to connect with video, online payment platform, and secure booking deposit, Jumpsure hopes to build transparency and trust.

Make renting a personal experience

We believe that adding video to the rental process makes it more personal, friendly, and accurate, providing a better overall experience for both parties. Add a video tour to your listing, create a video profile, or connect with a video call before completing a booking. Jumpsure integrates video into many steps of the process.

Offer the support of a community

We believe that a community of past and present tenants can be the best resource for support and guidance during the rental process. This can make the first months in a new city safer, easier and more enjoyable. Jumpsure is not just a service, we are a community.

Our Story

The idea of Jumpsure was born out of necessity after our founder experienced the difficulties of finding a suitable rental accommodation in New York. She then decided to create a solution to assist people in similar situations. Finding a great place to live can set the foundation for a positive start in a new city and Jumpsure wants to help make that happen!

Two years ago I moved to New York from France. Finding a room to rent wasn’t an easy process. I didn't even know which websites to look at. I also didn't have any credit history to show or any relatives in America to be a guarantor. I ended up renting a sublet room that wasn't in the best neighborhood, I signed an agreement that wouldn’t really protect me from any issues, the rent payment was in cash and requesting my deposit back at the end of my tenancy was very stressful. Right then I knew I needed to build a better solution for other people in my situation. That’s how Jmpsure was born.
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