1. Verified Profiles

In order to reduce risk of fraud and theft, all profiles will be checked.  To be able to publish a profile on Jumpsure, applicants need to make a video introducing themselves to prove that all profiles are real. 


2. Your place booked in advance 

Thousands of foreigners are coming to the United States every month and are looking to book their accommodation in advance. As soon as your listing is live on Jumpsure, you are able to receive bookings.

Find roommates and foreign tenants easily and confidently!


3. A way to receive your rent online and on time

Collection rent through Jumpsure's online payment platform removes the hassle of paper checks and reduces the risk of fraud and theft. With Auto pay, Jumpsure offers applicants to set up an automatic payment in order for you to receive rent on time.

View your statements and manage each person and room you rent in one place on our platform!


4. Peace of mind 

Jumpsure securely manages a Security Deposit on your behalf. Jumpsure will use this Security Deposit to cover up to the amount of one month’s rent if the rent is unpaid or if damage is caused by the occupant according to our Security Deposit's Policy.