Jumpsure: The solution for foreigners renting a place in New York.


Our Mission

In New York, the rental market makes it complicated for foreigners to rent a place. Requirements such as credit history and the need for an American guarantor can become an obstacle for them to find the right place. Our mission is to provide a solution with our platform that makes it possible and less stressful for foreigners to rent a place in New York.  

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Be part of a Community 

Our community of foreigners that moved or planned to move to New York helps everybody to make the stay in the US as comfortable as home by giving practical advice on living in New York. (subway, safe neighborhoods, health, recommended places to shop, services…)  

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Founded by Foreigners

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Deborah Walther


"Two years ago I moved to New York from France. Finding a room to rent wasn't an easy process. I didn't even know which website to look at. I also didn't have any credit history to show or any relatives in America to be a guarantor. I ended up renting a sublet room that wasn't in the best neighborhood, I signed an agreement that wouldn't really protect me from any issues, the rent payment was in cash and requesting my deposit back at the end of my tenancy was very stressful. Right then I knew I needed to build a better solution for other people in my situation. That's how Jumpsure was born."       

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Alexandre Lescasse

CMO / Public Relations