Our Services 

Jumpsure makes it easier for foreigners to request an apartment or a private room and successfully be selected by advertisers. It is all about trust! Landlords and people looking for a roommate want to select the right person. To build that trust between applicants and advertisers, Jumpsure offers these 5 features: 


Video Profile

A video profile helps increase advertiser confidence to rent their accommodation to the applicant. The applicant can show their personality through a video. The connection becomes deeper and more personal. 


Apartment Video Tour

In order for Foreigners to rent a place with confidence, we will promote listings with video. A video tour of the apartment makes the listing real and transparent and also makes it possible to take a virtual visit if it's not possible to see in person. 


Video Chat

On Jumpsure, applicant and advertiser will be able to communicate with a video call. A video chat makes both sides look more reliable and trustworthy. 


Online Booking

With Jumpsure, you can book your next home up to 3 months in advance. Move to your next apartment with confidence by reserving it.

To rent a place, you pay first month’s rent plus a Security Deposit (up to the amount of one month’s rent) and Jumpsure Service Fee.

For your safety, the first rent payment will be transferred to the advertiser 48 hours after you’ve moved in.


Online Rent Payment

You don’t need to show credit history and or need a guarantor to rent a place. Jumpsure offers foreigners the opportunity to pay rent month by month through our platform as opposed to making payments by cash or check.

Jumpsure also holds the Security Deposit on your behalf and transfers it back to you when you move out in respect with the Jumpsure’s terms and conditions.